Did Your Pipes Burst?

Your pipes can burst for any number of reasons. If your home or commercial property is running on old piping, you may experience leaking and other issues as a result of old equipment. Sometimes a severe storm can cause problems for your pipes. When you need re-piping services, count on us.


Re-piping requires a special level of attention and skill. The team at KT Plumbing will make sure to use pipes in the correct size and style, no matter what type of system you may have, so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your pipes won’t give out any time soon. For propane or natural gas systems, we will lay down the correct size, material, and type of piping for your specific system. We work on all types of styles of equipment so that we can meet your re-piping needs.

We handle gas piping for heating systems, stoves, fireplaces, hot water systems, and more. It is our job to make sure your residential or commercial property is safely connected so that you can be comfortable in your property.

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