Plumbing Inspections

New Home Buyer Inspections 

Are you looking at houses on the market to buy? If you’ve ever heard horror stories about home buyers who regret their purchase due to faulty pipes or sewer problems, there is no need to worry when you call KT Plumbing for assistance. Our plumbing inspections can help new home buyers get the peace of mind they need and deserve before moving into a new property. 

Our team can come to the property and thoroughly inspect the plumbing system to check for any problems or potential hazards. We’ll check tankless water heaters and water heaters, slab leaks, gas and sewer lines, and much more.

Sewer Camera Inspections

When you have a buildup or leak in your pipes, cameras are the best way to locate the problem. The professionals at KT Plumbing have the technology to accurately detect the problem in your pipes. With our slab/leak detection equipment, we take the guesswork out of plumbing repair. 

Call today to schedule an inspection!

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